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In a not-so-far future, everything will be about formal languages. To avoid a Tower of Babel, we need to set common specifications and standards in the many papers to be published in the field.

Ω ::= Journal of Formal Languages aims to be a monthly journal publishing work in (fragments of) languages whose syntax can be specified in Backus-Naur form (BNF) and in related topics. We welcome both pure theoretical work and application-based articles. Major fields are:

Formal semantics

Semantic Web

Natural language processing/understanding

Automata theory

Programming languages


Formal logic

Symbolic AI


Formal methods

Chomsky hierarchy

Robot languages

Cognitive modeling


Architecture description languages

Formal ontology

Aesthetic computing

Automated theorem proving

We aim to publish mostly original research, review, and survey articles, but also welcome commentary articles and book/software reviews.



Editorial Body

Editor-in-Chief: Luis M. Augusto iD

Editorial Advisory Board: (Available soon)


The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1563). (Public domain.)

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